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NC students push state's SAT average up

NC students with Supt. of Public Instruction Mark Johnson | image: NCDPI

North Carolina’s high school class of 2019 widened the state’s lead with the nation on the SAT college entrance exam, according to results released today by The College Board, which administers the national exams.

The state’s average SAT score for 2019 high school graduates from all North Carolina public schools was 52 points higher than the national average, increasing last year’s margin of 41 points with the nation. The state’s public school average reached 1,091 out of a possible 1,600, up 1 point from 2018 graduates of public schools. The national average dropped 10 points, from 1,049 in 2018 to 1,039 for public school graduates.

On the math portion of the exam, North Carolina’s 2019 public school graduates gained 2 points from the previous year’s class with a score of 542 of a possible 800, against the nation’s 515. On the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing portion of the exam, the state’s average score slipped 1 point to 549 of the possible 800. The national average score on that portion of the exam was 524.

State Superintendent Mark Johnson said that while North Carolina saw just a modest improvement over the previous year on the SAT, the state’s performance remains solid compared with the nation.

“After the previous year’s gain of 16 points, North Carolina students continued to show good achievement,” Johnson said. “These results remain an encouraging sign that more students in the state are graduating from high school well prepared for post-secondary education or other good options to gain skills needed for 21st century jobs.”